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WMO Press Release - The Future of Weather and Climate Services

WMO has held a top-level dialogue session on the future of weather and climate forecasting as part of its ongoing drive to strengthen collaboration and Public-Private Engagement (PPE) in order to support climate adaptation, sustainable development and build resilience. The second high-level session of the Open Consultative Platform, held virtually on 26-27 May, focused on two priority grand challenges: the future of weather and climate forecasting; and the evolving roles and responsibilities – the future of the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs). It was hosted by WMO Secretary-General, Prof. Petteri Taalas, and WMO President Prof. Gerhard Adrian, and brought together leaders from the NMHSs, private companies, meteorological equipment providers, the research community and academia.

Second High-level Session of the Open Consultative Platform

The Second High-level Session of the Open Consultative Platform (OCP-HL-2) was held on 26 and 27 May 2021 as an online event (Two-day online; 1.5-hour per day). The session discussed progress in thematic areas identified as “grand challenges” at the High-Level Round Table (OCP-HL-1).

The Session focused on two of the five themes of common concern for the stakeholders from all sectors identified at OCP-HL-1: A) the future of weather and climate forecasting, and B) the evolving roles and responsibilities – the future of the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services. The discussions support the building of a common vision of the weather and climate community with horizon 2030 and beyond.


Report of High-Level Round Table on the launch of the Open Consultative Platform, 5–6 June 2019 Palexpo, Geneva

Prof. Petteri Taalas, WMO Secretary-General:

"The Open Consultative Platform – Partnership and Innovation for the Next Generation of Weather and Climate Intelligence – has been established. In order to achieve its ambition, we need to build trust and fostered joint actions to address the numerous challenges. Eighteenth World Meteorological Congress adopted the Geneva Declaration 2019: Building Community for Weather, Climate and Water Actions. The declaration outlines a clear policy direction for inclusive partnerships and the Open Consultative Platform will serve as a relevant mechanism for engagement in the WMO processes for all those who wish to contribute from all sectors."

Partnerships help meet challenge of change

7 June 2019, PALEXPO, Geneva, Switzerland

Partnerships are the key to bridging global and national weather information gaps, speakers at the World Meteorological Congress said, underscoring the challenge posed by ever-increasing amounts of data generated by fast-changing technology. (Press release)

Public-private sector link vital for weather forecasting

6 June 2019, PALEXPO, Geneva, Switzerland

Breaking silos between the public and private sectors is critical if countries are to face up to weather and climate challenges and take advantage of the rapid pace of change in technology, the World Meteorological Congress has heard. (Press release)

High-Level Round Table for the Launch of the Open Consultative Platform (OCP)

5-6 June 2019, PALEXPO, Geneva, Switzerland

The Open Consultative Platform (OCP) will bring together public, private and academic sectors on a Round Table to help articulate a common vision for the future of the weather enterprise in the coming decade and beyond with the expectation that the next decade will be the decade of digital transformation in almost every sphere of businesses and human activities.